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What Business Owners Should Know about Window Security

For storefronts, having windows that display your products is vital for attracting potential customers. It draws in the eye and allows you to feature products that are on sale or that you think deserve to be highlighted.


However, having those nice, large windows can also be a tempting target for break-ins. There are many security practices and upgrades you can make to help prevent these kinds of break-ins. You just need to make sure you stay informed.


This blog will explore some of the things you need to know about window security.


Do High-tech Windows Protect Your Business?

You’ve invested a lot of time and resources into growing your business. Now you need to find a way to protect better. It’s a good idea to hire a glass and window replacement company to upgrade your windows to something more high-tech, but before you do, though, you should take some time to look at how these windows can upgrade your security.


Tempered glass is a common type of glass used in commercial windows, but you need to keep in mind that tempered glass is designed for safety, not security. The main feature of tempered glass is that it shatters into tiny, harmless cubes instead of jagged shards; not necessarily ideal for protecting your business.


High-end retail stores might want to consider security glass, a specific variety of glass that is more resistant to damage.


Security Window Film

Window film is an easy-to-install and budget-friendly way to help increase the strength of your windows without unsightly bars or shutters. It doesn’t prevent your windows from being broken, but it does hold shards in place rather than letting them fall. This can delay forced entry enough that it may make the intruder move on or it can give the authorities enough time to arrive and catch them in the act.


Laminated Security Glass

Laminated security glass is a type of strengthened glass that is much more resistant to everything from forced entry to ballistic attacks. It’s much stronger and can be retrofitted over existing glass. However, it can be too heavy for existing frames, which may mean you need to pay for a more complete window replacement rather than just the glass.


Polycarbonate Glazing Shields

Polycarbonate glazing shields are not actually glass, but they do look and feel very much like glass. They are highly impact-resistant and are much lighter and stronger than glass. They can be easily retrofitted onto your storefront with little extra renovation required. They’re virtually unbreakable and impassable. The drawback is that they’re much more expensive and can be scratched easily if you don’t have a scratch-resistant coating.


Do Contact Alarms Work?

Contact alarms are alarm sensors that consist of a magnet and a sensor. The magnetic piece is attached to the door or window whereas the sensor is attached to the jamb. When the window or door is opened, it breaks the circuit and flips a switch in the sensor. The sensor transmits that info to the alarm panel, which will then alert you.


Contact alarms are an easy device to install and can be installed in a wide range of places – windows are one of the most common ones. Installing contact alarms on your windows can provide another layer of security. You avoid relying on just a contact alarm, however, as a break-in can break the glass without disturbing the magnet and sensor.


Contact Us for Security Glass and Window Replacement

Overall, you can get some very robust window security measures that really boost the safety of your business. PM Glass is the local expert in glass and window replacement. We offer security upgrades for windows of commercial storefronts to help prevent break-ins. 


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